Are You Too Busy to hit the gym? Here Are Great Ways To Exercise At Work


In ancient times work meant heavy-duty physical work, sweat and blood, now we refer to it according to the hours we spent glued to our chairs. This not only has escalated lifestyle diseases but also led to weight gain, crumbling heart health and deteriorating bone health. A study suggested that 30 minutes ofcardio exercises five times a weak can result in a fit body and healthy heart. Worried about how you can do this at work? Well, you can squeeze in a few stretching exercises, strength training and aerobics between meetings, chats and conferences and improve your fitness levels and burn calories. Go ahead; try these sneaky exercises and happy mind and healthy body: 

1)Tap your toes under the desk, start slowly and then gradually move towards harder moves. While on a call or near the dustbin, just lift one of your legs to tap the toes on the edge, alternating your feet.

2)Did you know that taking the stairs can actually help 135 pound person to burn 8 calories per minute. If you take these steps regularly you can pump up your cardiovascular fitness and strength. You can start with 25 steps and gradually increase your climb every day. This is excluding your daily office regime.

3)Now you are already accustomed to slogging at work, have you ever thought about stationary jogging? Get that lazy butt of the chair and jog near your desk. Feeling good? Try lifting those knees up, continue for a minute and return to work. After an hour or two, repeat.

4)Squats are a favourite exercise for weight loss and to strengthen the leg muscles. Take a step forward ensuring that the foot goes straight forward in the same line and does not come in line with the rear foot, i.e if you stood infront of a mirror your rear foot should be visible and not be hidden behind your front foot. Your toes should point forward and not sideways. Raise the heel of the rear leg. It stays elevated throughout the set. Back straight. Start by lowering the rear leg down towards the ground in a controlled manner. Initially go down as much as you can comfortably and work your way down to the point where your knees touch the ground lightly. Stand up while pressing off the heel of the front foot to ensure that you place maximum emphasis on the quads.

5)Take water breaks or better; take a stroll around your office. Instead of pinging every small think to your boss, or co-workers, get up, walk up to them and say it. Avoid munching unhealthy snacks, or trip to the canteen.

6)Just when no one is seeing indulge in some random energetic seated dancing. This will help you de-stress and exercise your body muscles.

7) This one is best suited for the pantry.

Wall sits are the best exercise for strength and endurance. With your back against the wall bend your knees and slide down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold for 30-50 seconds and repeat. Wish to burn more calories? Cross your right ankle on the left knee and hold for 10-15 seconds.

8)Continuous long hours of sitting can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, while standing can help you burn calories. Stand whenever you get a chance to stand. Have standing conversations, on the phone or in person.

9)Waiting near the printer, attending a con-call, or filling you water bottle, indulge in calf raises. While maintaining total body alignment, raise heals off floor and hold. Lower slowly and repeat. Repeat 12-15 reps.

10)Have you ever tried kegel exercises at work? They can be easily kept under wraps and still help you tone your glutes. Be careful not to squeeze other muscles while doing kegels. Avoid constricting your legs, abdomen or other muscles as this will increase the pressure on your bladder. Remember, you have to squeeze only the pelvic muscle. Avoid holding your breath.

11)When you are at your desk try lifting both your legs under your desk and hold them for 5-6 seconds. Now lower them without touching the ground. You can do the same exercises for legs separately. You can also increase the tension on the leg by placing your bag or briefcase over the ankles.

12)Bored with standing or sitting? Try squats! Push you chair away and stand opposite your desk, keeping your feet together bend your knees in a way that they are parallel to the floor. While doing so, stretch your arms towards the screen of the computer. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat (4-5 recommended).

13)Stand with shoulder width distance in front of a chair and also holding the chair. Bend one leg or curl one leg backward and lower it down. Repeat with the opposite leg. Repeat this standing leg curl 10 times.

14)Keep cushion at lower back, squeeze back against cushion. Stretch arms upwards towards the roof.Turn your body on either side. Keeping hands on back arch your spine. Try to touch your feet. Cover eyes with your palm and take deep breaths. Do this  at least 3 repetition each thrice a day.

15)Your boss just fired you for a silly mistake or your colleague passed a dirty comment, try shadow boxing. Stand in the corridor or the pantry and throw out a few air punches, hooks, uppercuts in quick succession. Continue for a minute and there you are cool as a cucumber, with toned arms, chest and core.