How To Deal With On And Off Relationship


Living with an on and off relationship is like an irritating itch. It seems nice when you say that you and your significant other are made for each other. But this could also mean that you are dragging it way too far, and in reality, cupid is weak and tired.

You will get a lot of on and off relationship advice from friends and families, most of them will ask you to keep it going. This is because human nature thrives on living a life that is safe and secure.

Familiarity is what we love, and that’s what we are most comfortable with. A relationship which is on and off is most likely a relationship that is going on for too long.

So, the end of an on and off relationship can feel like a terrible pang to the heart. The truth is that you will realise how free you are when you let go of the negative force. Here is on and off relationship advice for you to consider.

Think about It

Think hard about how this on and off relationship is helping you in anyway. What do you gain from it? A relationship which is on and off is essentially one that is painful, and you will do well by getting rid of it. Think of the reasons. What are the reasons for your breakups? Are they valid enough? Ending an on and off relationship is really difficult, but you will find it very easy if you give it some thought.

The Gains and the Loss

You will definitely find some gains to end such a relationship. If not, you would not have broken up in the first place. Calculate your gains and losses. Are you better off when you break up, or are you worse off it? For what sake are you going back into the relationship? Consider these points.

Have a Talk

The best on and off relationship advice that anyone can ever give you is that you should have a talk with your partner. Have a talk with him or her. Make logic out of your conversation, set aside your emotions and speak about the good and the bad things about this relationship. Having an honest conversation will help you both to decide your future.

Make it Clear

You should make it clear to yourself and to your partner that it needs to end. There is no other way out. It has been dragging for too long now. It is emotionally stressful and you are having a hard time to cope with it. The two of you need to understand this loud and clear.

Go Slow

Let go of it bit by bit, stop calling, and then stop texting, and then do not see each other at all. Stopping it with a bang can only make it worse, make it consensual and stop it. In this case, it is always better to fade than to burn out.

The most important thing in the end is to find closure, and the faster you do this, the better it is. End it with a steady heart and let it be.