Essential Spice For A Successful Relationship


Every successful romantic relationships are often times one of the most unpredictable things in our lives. You meet, fall in love or maybe lust, and before you know it you’re on that roller coaster they call “being in a relationship”.

Maintaining a good, wholesome relationship can be difficult. However, like most deep questions, the answer can be described in a simple analogy Starting a relationship is really the easy part, but sustaining and growing within our relationships is often where things become complicated and our desires, can sometimes be where things fall apart.

We all know there are no guarantees in love. It’s fair to say, you’ll usually have to experience a few terrible relationships before you find one that really works well for both of you. but as we grow older and hopefully wiser, we begin to identify the things we look for in a partner and establish the things we are willing to accept and tolerate within a relationship.

Sustaining a relationship is a challenge for most people, especially after you have been together for awhile. It’s not easy being in a committed relationship! Experts say that we need to find a balance of love, patience, and self-esteem to really make it for a successful relationship.

If you are currently in a relationship or hoping to avoid the mistakes of previous relationships, the suggestions below will help you do just that.

1. Communication: is key to a great relationship. Couples must learn how to effectively and respectfully communicate with their partner through any issues. There will always be disagreements in any relationship but if you can learn how to communicate with your partner in a way that they hear and understand you, you will be able to get through any issue life may throw at you.
As your relationship matures it can be easy to neglect this type of communication, but at the crux of any successful relationship, romantic or otherwise, is the ability and opportunity to express our needs and wants without judgment. If you are unable or unwilling to do this with your partner, there may be trouble ahead.

2. Honesty: Love is honest, brutally honest. A relationship built on the foundation of honesty has an indestructible framework of trust.
Honesty and trust breed respect. Respecting your partner is critical. Without respect, love can’t last. Be honest, no matter what. If you are honest and the relationship ends, it is meant to end.
Honesty shouldn’t only be with our partners, but with also with ourselves as we don’t want to say or do anything that may jeopardize or hurt the relationship. If you are experienced in the minefield of relationships, then you will know full well that it is often the lack of honesty; even for reasons that seam valid at the time, that cause your relationship to get into difficulties. With integrity and respect , always be as honest as you can with your partner. However, expect that they will do the same and be ready to occasionally be humble and do a little introspection if you find that you don’t like what they have to say.

3. Keep it fun and exciting
When you first met you where both looking for ways to keep the relationship fun, interesting and full of spontaneity. But as domesticity, and the everyday distractions of life set in, having fun with your partner can become less of a priority.
This is a big mistake that many couples make. Companionship, continuity and commitment are all important as they are the pillars of your relationship. But fun, playfulness and doing things together that you both enjoy will help keep the relationship exciting and interesting for both of you.

4: Compromise: A relationship is only as happy as the least happiest person in it, and the relationship is happiest in the middle of the two people in it. Mature participants of a relationship know sometimes one person has to travel a little farther to the center than the other. They are willing to make the trek, because they trust that the other will do the same when it is their turn. When compromise is necessary ask yourself, “What matters more to me, my want to get my way or my need for peace? What do I need to do to create harmony right now?”
When you think and act in favor of the well being of your relationship, you will always air in favor of compromise; even if that means you going farther than your partner because you know, if your partner is miserable, you will be, too, and so will your relationship.

5. Praise, compliment and appreciation: Men can be fragile, ego driven creatures, even those that consider themselves the strongest and strut around like the king of the jungle. Letting your man know that his efforts around the house, his creative ideas is not only to be appreciated, but respected, is an important part of a relationship that we can tend to neglect after a while in favor of complaining, nagging and the silent treatment.
Don’t be a nag, but look for opportunities to praise him and make him feel good as often as you can. After all, don’t you just love it when he does the same to you? Well it swings both ways.

6: Time Apart: While it’s important to have quality time together, it’s also equally as important to have quality time apart. Having your own hobbies and interests is an important part of every relationship. Like they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder!

7:Trust: Without trust in a relationship, it’s hard for a relationship to survive. Trust deepens over time allowing for couples to be completely open and honest with each other and not feel judged by one another.

8: Friendship: Make inquiry on any long-term relationship and the partners involved will tell you that the friendship between the two of them is what has kept them together for so long. Passion will come and go in any long-term relationship but the friendship between the two is what will determine how long you two will last as a couple.

9: Forgiveness: It’s human nature, we all make mistakes. Couples who can’t make up will break up. Without forgiveness, old resentments linger and it doesn’t make for a healthy relationship.

10: Intellectual Compatibility/similar values or goals: Two people must be friends in mind, not necessarily like-minded, but equal-minded. Sharing similar values or goals If you are on the same intellectual wave length, you will always have something to talk and laugh about. In turn, you will never bore of each other which is vital if you plan to last after your nest empties and erectile dysfunction sets in.