How To Find And Keep A Best Friend


Friends are priceless. Physical distances may act as a barrier but the special bonding you share with a best friend never lets you feel lonely. And not all of us are blessed with such a valuable relationship. If you are lucky enough to have such a friend, do everything you can to enrich it further. One of the important tips to retain a best friend is to overlook the shortcomings and smile at the positives.

Having a best friend is probably one of the most precious gifts one can get. This is one person with whom you can share your sorrows, talk about your shortcomings, cry about your failures, crib about minor disturbances in life and yet be loved the same. 

You might never have realised how your friendship has developed but once you become good friends, it would seem like you have known each other for ages.

This is one relationship that you are not born with but yet it becomes one of the most loving and dearest ones of all.

How does a friendship becomes so special that it goes beyond blood relationships? You do not have to think about things like ‘how to keep a best friend happy’ because this relationship is not bound by terms or conditions. It is just there and you know it’s there to stay.

Friends are a gift from God but unless and until we do not make an effort from our end, a friendship is not going to develop and grow. Here’s how to keep a best friend.

Don’t go looking: Friends are not made by force. It is not possible to go hunting for a friend and definitely not a best friend. This is something that just happens along the way. You do not know when and where you will be meeting such a person. At times, the most unexpected person becomes your best friend.

Go by instinct: A friendship is not a contract or a business deal where pros and cons are weighed. When you become friends with someone, you do so by instinct. Gradually, you realise that you share a rapport which serves as an excellent foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Give time: Do not rush into developing a very short acquaintance into lifelong bonding. At the surface level, things may appear to be quite different from they actually are. Quite often decisions taken in a hurry result in disappointment at a later stage. A friendship should be allowed to mature with time. You should get to know each other better.

Trust: There are actually no tips for best friends as such because friendship is purely based on love and trust. If you know that you can trust a particular friend unconditionally, then you know that you have found your best friend. Minor problems should never come in the way of your bonding with each other.

Respect: This is probably one the most important things that must be kept in mind. Laughing at each other’s jokes is one thing and laughing at someone is another; especially in the presence of other people. Never try to make fun of your friend. Know the boundaries between jokes and insults.

It takes a lot of effort to get a true friend. Trust and respect take time to develop but can be shattered in a matter of seconds. When considering how to keep a best friend, a friend always remember to first and foremost respect that person. It can be considered one of the tips for best friends but is a rather valuable one.