Please How Do I Stop It, I Am Gay – Advice Needed


Dear Tee,
My name is Ken and I am 34 years old. I am a GAY and this is really causing serious problems in my life. Although, I do not have any relationship because of diseases and ritual situations in the country. I’ve really tried to stop it but I find it difficult to. I do not relate with the opposite s*x, have no social life, no skill, not much education. I am really tired of all this. I have low esteem and No vision for my life. I do not know what my purpose is yet. I am always plagued with negative thoughts that I may not become what I am meant to be in life. I am so afraid to go out and do things, maybe because I have a health challenge. I need change in my life. I do not talk much and this is me shouting with my voice. I need your advice.

Dear Ken,
I am sorry about all you are going through, but I think you need to make up your mind that you really want to be a changed person. He power lies in your hands, because you are he architect of your future. Brace up yourself today and be encouraged. Start seeing he future you want to live in, start believing in yourself and associate yourself with people who would not make you a worse person. Go out and make good friends, boost your confidence by thinking high of yourself. Dream big, work towards I and see I come to realization.
And concerning he hay thingy, I still all depends on your decision to stop being one. Make up your mind about I and stop associating with men who are into such. Seek medical help for your health challenges.
I wish you well.