Surprising Things Men Are Attracted To That We Don’t Realize


Big Hips

Whether we like to believe it or not men love big hips


Full Lips

Study show that men place more emphasis on the lips, but few state that men spend more time on the eyes.liii

Less Makeup

Men prefer women who wear 40% less makeup than the average woman.rs_600x600-151102104358-Demi-Lovato

Long Arms

Study shows that that men like tall women with long arms. In fact, with taller women men noticed the arms far more than the legs.


You’re Honest

Honesty affects judgments of physical attractiveness as well.


A High Voice

This is not to say that all men like the same voice, but most men want a high-pitched voice


Shiny Hair

Men love shiny, glowing, great smelling, healthy hair that why girls twirl their hair when a man that likes them approaches them. 🙂


Smile That Can Make You Melt

Men want happy smiling women


Loyalty And Kindness

So men are constantly on the lookout for a woman who can invoke trust through her integrity and character.


Big Buttocks

Ask any man and they will just say that they like the feeling of something to hold onto.