Things You Do That Drives Your Man Crazy


If you are in a relationship with a woman who loves to jabber all the time, you should be lucky to have your ears in place. There are some women who blabbers non-stop which is kind of annoying to men who are dating them. This could also be a reason why men want to break up!

It is stated that in a relationship, women can get quite annoying with certain things and thus ‘making’ their men want to leave! Though shocking, it is true!

There are numerous things that irritate men. Women who are at that time of their month can get a little hyperactive with everything around them – especially with their man. It is during this time of the month, the things that women do irritate men. Men, on the other hand, have to take it all in stride since their love for their woman is unconditional.

Here are some of the most annoying things women do to irritate their men. If you are one of them, you should try to let it go at some point of time, as it can lead to a lot of bitter fights in your relationship.

Asking Million Questions

Asking million questions is one of the things women do to irritate men. It is a common thing women usually do in a relationship to get their men’s attention.

Repeated Statements

Those repeated statements can drive you insane. You should have a conversation with a confused woman to know what we mean.

Going Out With Other Guys

One of the many things that women do to irritate men is going out with tons of men and flirting with them. Though, she might find it to be comfortable, a man just hates it!

Those Silly Reasons

Women generally come up with a lot of silly reasons to get out of a situation. They are classified as experts in giving out a fake image just to cover up an issue with their man.

Simply Worrying

Worrying for nothing is a woman’s best thing. This is one of the things that irritate men and can also be quite annoying.

Those Full Blown

Emotions Emotions run wild when it comes to a woman. You should be around a woman when she is crying. She will turn your world upside down.


The only thing that women can do to while away their time is to find a topic to gossip upon. Men, gossip too, but not as bad as women!

Not Making Up Your Mind

The most annoying thing a woman does is her failure to make up her mind. For example, take a woman out shopping and you know what we mean – clearly!

Don’t Forget Nagging

Women love to nag about every little thing that moves in front of them and men hate it. This is one of the things women do that irritate men.

Coded Language

If you are expecting your man to understand your code language, he ain’t going to get it. Men need to be told on the face how you are feeling or if there is something to be discussed. Men find it annoying when you speak in a code, since they find it difficult to decipher it.